Special Needs Dentistry

At Happy Grins Pediatric Dentistry, we value each individual child, and we recognize that children with special health care needs require a dental practice that is open and understanding. Each of our patients is treated with a particular emphasis on their specific needs. Instead of asking our patients to adapt to an unchanging structure of care, we strive to remain flexible with treatment options.

In our practice, we offer an ABA-style approach called the “D-Termined Program of Familiarization and Sequential Tasking,” which is especially suited for children on the spectrum as it teaches them cooperation skills for a successful dental visit. For patients with sensory needs, we offer treatment rooms equipped with light dimmers and music so we can accommodate your child accordingly and ensure their visit is as comfortable as possible.

Sometimes it is best for a child to visit the office to become familiar with the environment and prior to their actual first visit. Dr. Patty encourages site visits and/or therapist accompanied visits for children that find this most comforting.

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With many years of experience with special needs patients, Dr. Patty is passionate about providing the very best care for her special needs patients. Call today to make an appointment!

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